The teacher won’t come out from under the slide
the bell just rang, she’s trying to hide.
Her coat is pulled up over her head,
Going inside fills her with dread.

Been a long winter, spent too much time inside,
“Let us out!” everyone cried.
The numbers float in and out of words,
What times what? How absurd!

Pencil lead broke, what to do,
Cover that sneeze, don’t spread the flu!
Periods, commas, capital letters and more,
Who threw those pencil shavings all over the floor?

Expo markers, fingerprint smudge
Did anyone bring the fudge?
Straight lines, no talking in the hall,
Sit up and listen to the intercom call.

The teacher won’t get off the swing,
even though the last bell did ring.
“Stay outside a bit longer,” she said
Time for extra recess, let’s play in the sand instead