The damage seemed irreversible,
no way to renew.

A separation, exposing way too much
unprotected, destruction did pursue.

Outside intruders found their way,
Torn deep into the core, and any part that grew.

Pitiful and unbecoming
All extensions bare, pale green hue.

Out of desperation, a hand placed upon the heart
A hope, a plea, a prayer and pulling on a belief or two.

The wind did blow as it often does,
A snap, a break, and to the ground, the center flew.

New growth surrounded the very core
Separation closed in with time, disbelief?? It’s true.

Consideration was given on many a day
To simply, give up and say…You’re through!

But look at you today,
So strong, so full, and so new!

I am so glad that I gave you time
To reconnect, to join, to heal, to just be you.

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