For Kayla

Brown eyed girl
soft-spoken and true,
Mother embraced lifetime,
smile filled moments centered on you.

Cut from a culturally held cloth,
woven and pieced together
with such care,
much to offer, much to share.

Radiant light shone
and lit up a room
You danced to your own
favorite tune.

Dreams of tomorrow
in a heart kept,
Journey found in cadence
with a metered step.

A smile that soothed others
while with your hands you served,
A quiet presence,
more than thank you…you deserved.

Obedience and pleasure
that filled a filmstrip frame,
Moments captured
on a Paris plain.

A walk with a Father
who with gentle hand care,
brings you to safety
and a knowing that you are sheltered There.

My dear sweet Kayla
an angel, that heaven will hold
a song and a smile
where the Saints never grow old.

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