Yesterday’s Yellow Notepad


Sheets torn along the perforated lines,

Broken yesterdays, released with more than a whine.

“Relax with grace;  leave this darkened place.”

“Sing, release, create; no longer held down, permeate.”

“Control and power, questions of love; unteach the rules not made from above.”

“Follow the list, heaven commands; remove the earthly demands. ”

“Invest and believe; no longer grieve.”

“Face your fears with  trust that will provide; gifts of love that linger inside.”

“Know where to leave your baggage as you travel;  no longer stumble on loosened gravel.”

Unattached and only one place to be

Perforated lines, free from me.

notepad trash


3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Yellow Notepad

    1. Good morning from Kansas. The quotes were from the notepad (pictured) that I had written on a few years back. They are my own words and thoughts. I seem to have notepads, slips of paper laying around in different places. I write them and leave them alone, knowing that I have captured a moment in my life. I picked this one up, almost three years later and reread what I had written. As I read, I thought….wow…I survived that period of time. It was a pretty intense time of being stuck somewhere where I shouldn’t have been. Freedom came when I allowed myself to “be free”. Tearing those notes off of the notepad and throwing them away signified me truly being able to release that period of time in my life.

      Thank you for commenting. I was beginning to wonder if the comment part of this website was working. Ha. I will venture on over to your website later and take a look at what you’ve been up to. Have a wonderful weekend.


      1. And good afternoon from Ireland! Thank you for your lovely detailed explanation, I can fully appreciate what you mean and I think your comment is very wise..”freedom came when I allowed myself to “be free”! I laughed over your query re comment part actually working!!! It takes a little time but the interactions are amazing, interesting, insightful and fun plus add in the beautiful photos and interesting stories and poems…well worth the wait!! Have a wonderful weekend too!

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