I Noticed You

I noticed you.
You sat quietly with a tattered book bag,
and several warm coats beside you.
Your cheeks, windburnt and red
your gestures and movement,
nothing else need be said.

As I left,
A walkman and headphones borrowed your time
I wondered where you’d go,
Where your feet would soon be
Would you find warmth
or a kind face to see?

I noticed you.
It was dark and late at night.
You sat with a light glow in your face
In a not so warm protected space.
Why were you there so late at night,
Should I have said or done something
as I drove out of sight?

A moment in yesterday where perhaps I should have done more. I did nothing for this woman and today I wonder…was she placed within my sight so that I may be used in some way to meet her needs. I could have given her directions to the Mission, etc. When I noticed no drink or food on her table, should I have bought her a sandwich or cup of coffee? OR was she there to give to me…she did bring me sense of knowing that our world is full of those who survive in their own way. It may not be in a way we understand, but yet should be respected. I pray that I know for sure next time what it is I need to do.

As we approach this cold holiday season, please take note of those around you. I know there are people who are standing on street corners with signs and you never really know, but perhaps those few coins you have in your change container in your car, might just make a difference. I no longer question whether or not they will use it to buy their next bottle of alcohol, I simply know that life has taken them to a place of desperation…a place of holding a piece of cardboard on a corner. If they are being deceitful, that they will have to answer to someday….if I walk or drive past a need…that I will have to answer to someday.


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