Snowflakes in the Wind

“I close my eyes, only for the moment and the moment’s gone.”


Long held particles carried gently into the vapor freezing day.

Symmetrical and extended, lifted and crystalized

until the formation sparkles and spins in a special snowflake way.


Brilliantly  glistening through sunlit beams

blanketing the untouched  foundation of life,

Only snow angels can close their eyes knowing that nothing lasts forever.


We are just snowflakes in the wind.


7 thoughts on “Snowflakes in the Wind

      1. Hope it’s crazy in a good way! We are all good thanks Donna, just same old story different day! Much colder here today, cold snap on its way to us…will be a shock to the system as our temperatures have been much more pleasant than average winters. Have a good day also!


      2. Being an educator, these past few weeks have been a bit frantic, finishing up another semester and preparing for the ones ahead of us. I have also taken on a part time job, once again. I wish I could figure out how to just stay home and write. I have so much I feel has been “brewing” within for a very long time. Time…that’s the key word…and well I guess, energy. I will say though, my part time job keeps me surrounded with words…a book store.

        I hope you are well and enjoying “time”. Deb

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