Are You Listening?

Outside my window there is a brilliantly colored sky,
Softened pigments fill one edge of the circle to the other,
A day has begun, the morning is nigh.

With a vision that sees all that illuminates,
there are birds of all colors.
Their wings flutter with such grace,
as their voices find a song,
filling empty space.

Amongst those voices, comes a sound that rings true,
a Red Bird perched upon a branch in the middle of the colored hue.
His voice with urgency, tears and sadness, sings to all who will hear
“Don’t you see, we can no longer walk in fear?
An understanding needs to be found
or we’ll find ourselves on deteriorated ground.”

Outside my window there is a brilliantly colored sky,
One where Colors blend enough to make one cry,
An invitation to open your wings, listen to what the Red Bird sings.

Author notes
To hear the Red Bird’s calling, truth must ring out loud and clear…Once Truth is heard, truth is not denied.

The following from “Streams of the Desert” copyright 1925.. Dec. 31 (copied word for word)

“So let us call out to one another through the darkness, till the gloom becomes vocal of many voices, encouraging the pilgrim host. Let the echoes gather till a very storm of Hallelujahs break in thundering waves around the sapphire throne, and then as the morning breaks we shall find ourselves at the margin of the sea of glass, crying with the redeemed host, “Blessing and honor and glory be unto him that sitteth on the throne and to the Lamb forever and ever!”

“This my song through endless ages, Jesus led me all the way.”

I stand on those words that a woman wrote years ago…”Jesus led me all the way.” It is through Jesus that I hear what the Red Bird sings and what Truth cannot deny. Deb


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