Entertaining Vision

Yesterday and today meet,
Can’t see tomorrow
from this window seat.

Faces pass by in such a blur,
Captured passion
causes the heart to stir.

A pledge he did entertain,
Promises kept,
lives, never the same.

I can’t decide
heartstrings confide.

Tomorrow can now be seen
A future left behind
Forever changed, all love screened.

Reworked some words I left on a page years ago.  The first one written clearly held hurt…I couldn’t see tomorrow..this one…I walk forward, forever changed.

I have been sitting here contemplating and reflecting my last three words…all love screened…do I really do that now? (sounds so guarded)  Perhaps…I would like to think that I have come to a place of understanding my worth and not allowing the love I have to offer to be tossed around.


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