In a world where loopholes exist,
sin and corruption do not resist.
Hearts that connect and become one,
separate, different lives begun.
Repercussions of separation linger still
when hearts fight against God’s will.
Minds avoid the heartstrings pull
until a numbness fills the lull.
Journey on to another heart,
hopes for a new beginning start.
Leftover knowing of a loophole once used
New beginning bliss, silently refused.
In a world where loopholes exist
Can happiness be found
in a heart that in the beginning didn’t resist?


Disclaimer: I know many people who have happily remarried…just pondering the thought of divorce…the loopholes in scripture that we seek when making that decision and the repercussions upon a heart when divorce occurs.  Regardless of how smoothly the separation goes (according to human law), those two people are left changed forever…nothing takes that away.  Forgiveness can come for those who believe, the healing though…my question…are we ever truly healed?