Rube definition according to Webster: awkward unsophisticated person
Unsophisticated definition according to Webster: unchanged, uncorrupted

I used to be an awkward unsophisticated person
Life seen through rose colored glasses
Each fragment a part of a whole
Each whole a part of more than I could ever imagine
Always a daisy type of life
You know the one where
each petal grows from a circular and centered beginning
Love regardless of hate would always win
Renewal regardless of destruction grew despite the odds
Hope in the unseen carried always by faith
A purpose filled passing to others
to never give in to change that tarnishes and discolors the vision seen.

Yet today….I feel changed and corrupted…
Struggling to remain unchanged and uncorrupted enough
To still see hope filled daisys through rose colored glasses

I weep for our children who have the right to grow
and be an awkward unsophisticated person.