Inchoate Understandings


Amongst the splinters,
businesses and homes beyond repair,
glimmers of what was, resided there.

Couch and television remained
covered with wire, metal and wood;
A reflection of a once held life, as it stood.

Playing cards and game pieces,
photographs of children and family long ago,
strewn amongst the tornado stricken show.

Pieces of glassware and china,
scattered amongst cement blocks,
books, computers and mantel clocks.

In an instant,
a collapse of what life use to be,
no longer four walls that brought families to safety.

Working to recover and sort,
hands of many workers unknown
hoping to give tornado survivors one more glimpse of home.

A few belongings returned to a past and present held
a new understanding of what was and will be
are forever held within the hearts and souls of friends and family.


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