1904 World Fair Inspiration

Amelia Earhart lived life as a young girl learning how to fly in her own way.


Fairground rides throughout the sun filled day,

brought three children home, bored and wanting to recreate roller coaster play.

Plans drawn for a track built from lumber found,

hammering and sawing trying to not make a sound.

“Meelie” inspired teamwork, anticipation vibrations did flow

two by fours through cellar window, take it slow.

A kitchen chair, giggles and more

hard work accompanied the building of a wood track floor. 

Uncle Otis loaned his expertise and advice

long nails and a roof attachment, did suffice.

A pail of lard, snuck from the kitchen to grease the track

Only a seat and volunteer rider did the coaster lack.

A wooden crate carefully held at roof top edge

No chickening out, bravery found in crate filled ledge.

“Meelie” climbed inside, trusting that all would go as planned and for the best,

a release with legs pushed up against her chest.

Splintering wood and speedy decline

sent “Meelie” careening….not so perfect coaster design

Flight occurred, torn dress and bruised lip

“Let’s do it again! This time a longer track, stronger trestle to equip!”

Flying came easy in a child dream inspired mind

More lumber, more track to build and no limitations, nothing confined.




~A moment shared by Amelia Earhart’s sister….

Amelia, My Courageous Sister by Muriel Earhart Morrissey and Carol L. Osborne


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