Moments that Mattered

To walk once again in the moonlight

or swim passionately among the beams reflections

To capture laughter filled vacancies

that recognize and hold a self captured glimpse of yesterday

To go unnoticed, unfelt, or acknowledged would be easier

than immersing heart swelled holdings

To erase the words that created a stone, a marker upon which

Randomness skipped across the water into unknown places

To accept the infinite void left

once darkness approached and engulfed it all.

3 thoughts on “Moments that Mattered

  1. My husband and I were just talking yesterday about all the passions we can no longer partake of – and then I open your poem. It speaks of this to me. The mind, the spirit, still yearn but the body does not follow.

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    1. As I step into and through retirement decisions, I’m finding a whole flood of “moments” flowing through my mind and heart. I’m embracing this time in my life, another milestone, marker to place and trust several years from now that I will be looking back and saying…I did that…that was a moment that mattered.

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