Remains the Same


This photo was taken at Mexico Beach, Florida almost 10 years ago.  Mexico Beach has been a favorite destination for quite some time.  My sister has a condo there.

As I searched this ocean photo for the words it conveyed, I found my mind drifting around from one wave thought to another.  Following are words that came to mind:

simple moment                                     “sigh”                                  quietness

freedom                                                  control                               attachment

release                                                     sky dreams                        peaceful

color                                                         wind                                    elements

water                                                        sunset                 

I find myself settling on the words ” remains the same”.

When Hurricane Michael hit Mexico Beach last fall, the beach homes and ocean front took a devastating blow.  The homes and quite frankly the people will never be the same.  Nothing feels the same, except this:

Mexico Beach

My sister captured this photo in November as they walked among the ruins created by Hurricane Michael. They have helped to clean up wire, wood, and peoples memories scattered along the beach area. Lives were changed in a matter of hours, the ocean, the beach sand and the setting and rising sun remain the same.

This is a Friday Foto Challenge by another WordPress blogger

Friday Foto Fun – Ocean Views


3 thoughts on “Remains the Same

  1. VJ… are you in Florida or near the Gulf…I will be there in 7 days…spring break week…decided to go and see what I could do to help…by this time, I’m guessing it’s mostly contractors. My sister’s place is being reconstructed. I found a place to stay about 35 minutes from there. If you’re nearby, we should try to meet up.


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