Do you ever have things reappear in your life and you are taken back for just a moment at the thought of “How does that happen?”

I’ve had an unusual past couple of weeks. I won’t bore you with all the details of my life journey but this “thing” just happened.

I’m awake in the middle of the night. I picked up my phone and checked the time, which led to other social media readings. Somewhere along the way I ran across this song by OAR.

When I saw the words OAR, it took me back to a moment over 13 years ago. I was headed to work one morning and the radio broadcaster had 2 tickets to give away to an OAR concert. I had no idea who OAR was and I never call in to things like that but that day I did. I won 2 tickets.

Now…that was a fun thing…winning the tickets, but I was newly divorced and living in a new city and I didn’t know very many people. I didn’t want to go by myself. I took note of those around me and finally decided to ask someone I was working with at my part time job. The man had been easy to talk to and I was simply looking for a friend to take to a concert…free tickets and all! I chuckle now that I think about it..,me asking him was a fiasco…I’ll spare you more details but will let you know that we didn’t go to the concert and I never used the tickets.

This song by OAR “Knocking at your Door”…spoke to me here in the middle of the night not only circling back to a memory but somehow letting me know “the mountains will fall away.”

I love how “that” happens. I don’t know if God is orchestrating all that …some would say the universe is taking care of you or synchronization occurs…all I know is…at times I am left breathless.

.,,, After putting this down and trying to go back to sleep I had a thought….l have come a long way since those early days of divorce. Today…I know people to ask, but if there wasn’t anyone, I’d go by myself. Ha. I would have used at least one of those tickets. Maybe that’s an age progression thing or maybe it’s just reaffirming who I have grown into…just simply me. I no longer seek approval from others about the things I enjoy doing…I just do them.

There is so much freedom and joy in this place I am in today.