Knocking at Your Door

Do you ever have things reappear in your life and you are taken back for just a moment at the thought of “How does that happen?”

I’ve had an unusual past couple of weeks. I won’t bore you with all the details of my life journey but this “thing” just happened.

I’m awake in the middle of the night. I picked up my phone and checked the time, which led to other social media readings. Somewhere along the way I ran across this song by OAR.

When I saw the words OAR, it took me back to a moment over 13 years ago. I was headed to work one morning and the radio broadcaster had 2 tickets to give away to an OAR concert. I had no idea who OAR was and I never call in to things like that but that day I did. I won 2 tickets.

Now…that was a fun thing…winning the tickets, but I was newly divorced and living in a new city and I didn’t know very many people. I didn’t want to go by myself. I took note of those around me and finally decided to ask someone I was working with at my part time job. The man had been easy to talk to and I was simply looking for a friend to take to a concert…free tickets and all! I chuckle now that I think about it..,me asking him was a fiasco…I’ll spare you more details but will let you know that we didn’t go to the concert and I never used the tickets.

This song by OAR “Knocking at your Door”…spoke to me here in the middle of the night not only circling back to a memory but somehow letting me know “the mountains will fall away.”

I love how “that” happens. I don’t know if God is orchestrating all that …some would say the universe is taking care of you or synchronization occurs…all I know is…at times I am left breathless.

.,,, After putting this down and trying to go back to sleep I had a thought….l have come a long way since those early days of divorce. Today…I know people to ask, but if there wasn’t anyone, I’d go by myself. Ha. I would have used at least one of those tickets. Maybe that’s an age progression thing or maybe it’s just reaffirming who I have grown into…just simply me. I no longer seek approval from others about the things I enjoy doing…I just do them.

There is so much freedom and joy in this place I am in today.

4 thoughts on “Knocking at Your Door

  1. Full circle. I suddenly find a number of people from my past trying to re-enter my life right now. Weird that it is happening all at the same time, and I closed those doors along time ago. Don’t plan on reopening them

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    1. Earthwalking, I hear that and understand. …perhaps the circle …it’s simply a recognition of where we’ve been…. a way to say “that is complete.”

      When that OAR song came on it reminded me of a time when I was unsure about who I was and where I was headed in life. I was 47 and had a whole lot of growing up to do. I am a different person today.

      It feels good to be at a place in life where all that chaos of the heart and mind is no longer present…so many possibilities lie ahead.

      We have been prepared for this part of our journey for a lot of years…enjoy the circling…be amazed …and know that the best lies ahead!

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      1. I read something this morning….

        “Teach me the value of my thorns.” For me, I have learned how to climb through the painful times to get to the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. What beautiful colors await!


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