Lakeshore Ponderings

Tip of My Pen


As the tip of my pen touches the page

I wonder what the value truly will be?


Will there be a cost felt with each stroke,

with each letter, with each word,

with longings waiting to be heard?

Will separated hearts appear

and lost journeys be brought near?

So much held, so much given up,

strained and sifted onto a page,


experienced wisdom and sage?

Independence and partings

live at the tip of my pen,

where all good stories

start or come to an end.


As the tip of my pen touches the page

I know what value there will be

a closer look at what is held within you and within me.





7 comments on “Tip of My Pen

  1. So true – our words, like our blood, pour out on the pages. Your words are beautiful, honest.

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  2. I agree with V J, in every respect.

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  3. Yes, an adventure can await us…. a related story of lost love, anything!!!!! Loved the TIP OF MY PEN!!!! Hope you’re having a good weekend! 🙂

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  4. Thanks for following me. I do like this poem. The route a poem can take the poet who touches pen to paper is always a surprise, a welcome surprise.

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  5. Yes, I need to be tipping my pen as well. I do like this poem.

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  6. Beautifully penned and so true!

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