Eternal Friend

Barbed wire friendship
mature hearts don’t understand

Secret mission
don’t dare travel into tainted land

Thunder rolls and storm approaches
kindred spirits, smile coaches

Herded like cattle, pushed and shoved
human hearts, yet unloved

Stripped and showered, no more pain
How could it be so insane?

Hand held to the end
barbed wire friendship

Eternal friend

Three Woven Circles

The Basket

Sun and water drenched reeds take time

to become

functional for a carrying basket


A circular pattern centers the basket  

in a way

that brings clarity and organization to the woven pieces


Color and design enhance the meaning and purpose

in such a way

that time is preserved and a story is told


The Man or Woman

Victorious and defeat drenched moments take time

to become

usable for a wisdom filled man or woman


A circular pattern centers the heart

in a way

that brings clarity and organization to the journey through life


Love and hate enhance the meaning and purpose

in such a way

that time is preserved and a story is told


The Bible

Heart captured word moments take time

to become

guidance and laws for many


A circular pattern centers the Word

in a way

that brings clarity and organization to a chaotic life


Life and death enhances the sacrifice

in such a way

that time is preserved in eternity


The Basket, The Man or Woman, and The Bible

Carried moments are protected through time

to become

a cherished story to be shared with others


The circular patterns bring all things together

in a way

that is hard to distinguish beginning and end


Weaving the three together

to become

complete becomes enough to hold on to all that can and will be.


Spring Approaches

The vibrating moon pulsates against my breast,
pulling me just close enough,
to get lost in the orange glow rest.

Beams dance across a chambray colored sky,
a two-step rhythm gleaning the air,
Listening for the songbirds sigh.

Captured and held for moments and more,
a deep breath kept,
while from waiting branches, winter is tore.



A release of heart
A promise made is a promise kept
Today bearable but incomplete
For the whisper held close to my ear
knows that with each step taken
a journey continues
where moments given
….to feel
….to touch
….to reach for a hand
opens to set heart filled promises free.

Little Things

It’s the little things
That carry us through
Moments of laughter,
Moments colored blue.

It’s a smell,
Of early morning
Waiting to begin
No loss..just a win

It’s a song,
Found in leather
Tightly bound
Beaded memories tethered.

It’s a walk
That ‘s energized
And completed.

Eighty Grit

Layer by layer, time told
Stained, varnished and age-old
Grains covered and held secure
Knotted and gnarled, finished mature

Dusting, cleaning, continuous motion
forward, backward, consuming notion
Rough grit, slowing cleanse
Caution needed, gouging wins

Direction of grain, shows the way
light and dark, given day
Spiraled and wound,
Spirit filled center found.

Moonbeam Present

Moonbeams knocking at my window
Don’t you know,
your glow keeps me from slowed rhythmic patterns
of slumber?

You play amongst the clouds,
creating a sky filled with
reflections and melodic

Moonbeams gently touching my face
Don’t you know,
You’re suppose to bring a quiet lullaby
into this dreamland “drive-in” movie place?

So enough already…
Move a little higher overhead
So your beams no longer
dance upon my bed.


Webster Definition

Rube definition according to Webster: awkward unsophisticated person
Unsophisticated definition according to Webster: unchanged, uncorrupted

I used to be an awkward unsophisticated person
Life seen through rose colored glasses
Each fragment a part of a whole
Each whole a part of more than I could ever imagine
Always a daisy type of life
You know the one where
each petal grows from a circular and centered beginning
Love regardless of hate would always win
Renewal regardless of destruction grew despite the odds
Hope in the unseen carried always by faith
A purpose filled passing to others
to never give in to change that tarnishes and discolors the vision seen.

Yet today….I feel changed and corrupted…
Struggling to remain unchanged and uncorrupted enough
To still see hope filled daisys through rose colored glasses

I weep for our children who have the right to grow
and be an awkward unsophisticated person.