Time wrapped moment…

Greeted by the Grace of
a wing span greater than hers,
a red tailed hawk delivers words of patience
and love upon her gold filled wings.

Through wind filled branches,
she soars,
knowing that in this time wrapped moment,
a heart held and waiting for rippling waters to settle
strengthens and renews itself
through beams of sunlight and softheld reflections.


Journals Tell Secrets

Spiral bound,

blue lined pages,

heartfelt words written with color;

neatly penned large clear print

or small teeny tiny scribblings,

conveying the tone of the day

in a way that an observant reader

can connect together

peace or confusion,

excitement or anxiety,

love or hate.

Over time, those words

will be found by others.

What message will they send?

Will they know your thoughts

or think they understand?

Will you care what your words convey?

Is there something you words need to say?

Or do you want them disposed of,


that on days long ago

spiral bound,

blue lined pages

helped life to continuously flow.



Sunbeam Voices

The deafening silence held within these walls
found a small trickle of a voice,
when the rays of light peered out
from behind the slow moving clouds,
finding their way from the horizon
to the panes of the glass filled space.

Struggling to flutter and be heard,
sunbeam’s wordless message ceased time.
Mutterings of the past hold you within its palm
reassuring you that unrolled on this day
is a voice filled future that waits to release
a song of immersed beauty and radiance.


Party Line Planning


Party line static
Left the neighbors erratic
Teenage girls and teenage boys
Talking for hours, flirting joys.

Meeting at the park
Boyfriend girlfriend spark
“They’ll never know
What time, shall we go?”

Midnight rendevous
“I’m gonna tell on you!
I heard what you said
You’ll wait til they are in bed.”

Not a good idea
To plan on the phone
how you and your boyfriend
will be alone.


Grace Remains

An undulated motion captures a moment
that moves heart, mind and soul
to a reflection of a country whose colors
unite life and structure to one another.

Life and structure, organized and planned,
following boundaries and laws,
allows justice to be found within
for all of its inhabitants.

Life and structure, purposeful and patient,
remains steadfast and in place
allowing perseverance through difficulty and success
for all of its inhabitants.

Life and structure, attentive and reflective
Stands alert and ready to respond
Allowing vigilance when danger or threat occurs
for all of its inhabitants.

An undulated motion embraces a moment
where heart, mind and soul
of all of the inhabitants
reflects and unifies life and structure.


Flag reflection


Early Ice

Time spent
Laying out the land
Transparent coverings
Access revealed

Time spent
Perched upon that bucket
Icy cold tarn above
Warm shelter below

Time spent
Searching rock piles
Downward rustling
Quiet dangling jiggings

Time spent
Searching rock piles
Skyward rustling
Quiet dangling jiggings

Time spent
Eye catching fluttering
Struck and tugged
Until access concealed

Time spent
Laughing and mocking
In admiration
Hand held coverings

Time spent
Perched in that bucket
Searching for rock piles
No longer home




I took on a challenge to include irony in a poem.  These fisherman helped me with the topic.IMG_1503

Kitchen Time

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life,
there is a room where gathering occurs.
Much goes unnoticed, much goes unseen
so much part of a daily routine.

The edges of a table, the paint is worn
From its holdings, time is torn.
Paws stretched and left their mark
More to add to kitchen spark.

Meals prepared, dishes washed, schedules confirmed
Math and Reading lessons learned.
Conversation, bills paid, scoldings received
Plans for futures, togetherness believed.

Games played, friendships built
Treasures made from pieces of a quilt.
Praying moments, paper writings
God found inspiration, quiet sightings.

Birthday cakes, turkeys and more
Holiday happenings, more time is tore.
Chairs added, chairs taken away
Moments treasured in a special way.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life,
There is a room where gathering occurs.
Don’t let the little things go unseen,
Special moments in daily routine.


Are You Listening?

Outside my window there is a brilliantly colored sky,
Softened pigments fill one edge of the circle to the other,
A day has begun, the morning is nigh.

With a vision that sees all that illuminates,
there are birds of all colors.
Their wings flutter with such grace,
as their voices find a song,
filling empty space.

Amongst those voices, comes a sound that rings true,
a Red Bird perched upon a branch in the middle of the colored hue.
His voice with urgency, tears and sadness, sings to all who will hear
“Don’t you see, we can no longer walk in fear?
An understanding needs to be found
or we’ll find ourselves on deteriorated ground.”

Outside my window there is a brilliantly colored sky,
One where Colors blend enough to make one cry,
An invitation to open your wings, listen to what the Red Bird sings.

Author notes
To hear the Red Bird’s calling, truth must ring out loud and clear…Once Truth is heard, truth is not denied.

The following from “Streams of the Desert” copyright 1925.. Dec. 31 (copied word for word)

“So let us call out to one another through the darkness, till the gloom becomes vocal of many voices, encouraging the pilgrim host. Let the echoes gather till a very storm of Hallelujahs break in thundering waves around the sapphire throne, and then as the morning breaks we shall find ourselves at the margin of the sea of glass, crying with the redeemed host, “Blessing and honor and glory be unto him that sitteth on the throne and to the Lamb forever and ever!”

“This my song through endless ages, Jesus led me all the way.”

I stand on those words that a woman wrote years ago…”Jesus led me all the way.” It is through Jesus that I hear what the Red Bird sings and what Truth cannot deny. Deb


Snowflakes in the Wind

“I close my eyes, only for the moment and the moment’s gone.”


Long held particles carried gently into the vapor freezing day.

Symmetrical and extended, lifted and crystalized

until the formation sparkles and spins in a special snowflake way.


Brilliantly  glistening through sunlit beams

blanketing the untouched  foundation of life,

Only snow angels can close their eyes knowing that nothing lasts forever.


We are just snowflakes in the wind.


That Particular Piece

Where do I find the straight edges that  creates the frame?

Jigsaw puzzle pieces, all different, not the same.

Colors that match, lines that touch,

a sweet connection, a secure fit…desired much.


Those pieces that  create the whole, sometimes go astray,

gone from the table, looked for on this day.

Can you help me find it, if I describe it for you?

The picture on the box is what I pursue.


The one whose color is bright, but yet subdued

one that knows his foundation enough to ensue.

He challenges me with the detail found within the piece

a seven sided figure, a connection to release.


Common edges to complete the frame

Fill in the middle with heart felt  pain

Peace and satisfaction comes when the last piece fits

In a place that no one ever thought to call it “quits.”