Gingham Apron

How many times have we thrown our apron over our head

wanting to escape a world of chaos and dread

Hidden beneath a cloth that keeps all the world at bay

so many things our heart needs to cry out and say

Take time to rest and be strong

as each trial and tribulation comes along

“See that your clock doesn’t run down”

Exchange your weakness for the strength in His robe and crown.





A Boy’s Grand Plan


Heart of a boy

whose arms pull and surround his best bud

crack of the bat

jump in the mud


Talk of snakes

and things that are gross

a playful shove

brotherly love


A wrestling match

rolling on the ground

screaming and hollering

snorting weird and unusual sounds


“Miss me, miss me, now you gotta kiss me!”

interrupts the heart of a boy

when he notices

the one whose hair is curly

and creates a stomach filled joy


Heart of a boy

turns into

Heart of man

leading into the next phase

of the almighty grand plan.

Breathing in Wisdom

Moments of fleeing

Moments of staying


Fear of  rejection

Fear of acceptance


Fear of unmet expectations

Fear of expectations met


Fear of  instability

Fear of stability


Fear of controlling another

Fear of being controlled


Fear of wrong decisions

Fear of right decisions


Fear of reality

Fear of dreams


Moments of fear

Moments of  courage


A Painting…A Life

A painting, a life

colors…. mixed and unchosen

restraint and darkness…heartache expressed

a canvas…. sad and depressed


A painting, a life

colors…. scattered and released

uninhibited and random, heart sought  glee

a canvas…..happy but seldom free


A painting, a life

colors…..defined and chosen

blended and connected, heart tones content

a canvas…time well spent

It Was Me

It was I who trapped me

into someone else’s dream,


I believed all  he said could be,

when I kept seeing a clear reality.


I followed him into that sleep,

wanting all that he said we could keep.


What a journey that turned out to be

It was I, who trapped me.


Social Media

My fingers tap the screen,

a “window” appears where I stand, peering in

at worlds captured in statuses, frames and words.

likes and dislikes,

products to buy,

things to question and to understand

political drives,

scripture shared,

happy and sad faces,

love filled hearts,

angry words, disgust,

reminders of weakness and strength

remembrances of those who have died in vain,

those who are born, those who travel,

those who lay in darkness and those who shine.

Laughter, victory, compassion and joy  filled moments

mixed in with

hate, death and innocence lost.

My fingers tap the screen,

where the window closes when there’s too much to see

in a world captured in statuses, frames and words.

Beneath the Surface

Beyond this moment

stretches contours of orange, tan, green and brown,

giving way  to seeds that have been encased and held within.

Cotyledons mature through light drenched melodies and storm filled choruses.

Each new leaf awakens

carrying promises of mosaic lyrics

into a space that lures time,

Capturing moments of what if

that reside in a chaos left standing still.