Sunbeam Voices

The deafening silence held within these walls
found a small trickle of a voice,
when the rays of light peered out
from behind the slow moving clouds,
finding their way from the horizon
to the panes of the glass filled space.

Struggling to flutter and be heard,
sunbeam’s wordless message ceased time.
Mutterings of the past hold you within its palm
reassuring you that unrolled on this day
is a voice filled future that waits to release
a song of immersed beauty and radiance.


No Zigzagging

Crossroads… asked to wait,
a dash dares to meet.
Points found in two sets,
common and greet.

Does the agile line need to dance straight,
or can it weave or bound across a page?
For what circumstances,
do the lines need a stage?

Confidence found in parallel gait,
where distance puts perspective within sight,
strolling upon a path where destiny
brings an intersection to a moonlit night.

Straight edges deceived with thoughts of a life altered fate
upon a constructed grid where all has a place to be
ruled and a position of their own
where spontaneity isn’t allowed … never free.


Loophole Existence

In a world where loopholes exist,
sin and corruption do not resist.
Hearts that connect and become one,
separate, different lives begun.
Repercussions of separation linger still
when hearts fight against God’s will.
Minds avoid the heartstrings pull
until a numbness fills the lull.
Journey on to another heart,
hopes for a new beginning start.
Leftover knowing of a loophole once used
New beginning bliss, silently refused.
In a world where loopholes exist
Can happiness be found
in a heart that in the beginning didn’t resist?


Disclaimer: I know many people who have happily remarried…just pondering the thought of divorce…the loopholes in scripture that we seek when making that decision and the repercussions upon a heart when divorce occurs.  Regardless of how smoothly the separation goes (according to human law), those two people are left changed forever…nothing takes that away.  Forgiveness can come for those who believe, the healing though…my question…are we ever truly healed?

Entertaining Vision

Yesterday and today meet,
Can’t see tomorrow
from this window seat.

Faces pass by in such a blur,
Captured passion
causes the heart to stir.

A pledge he did entertain,
Promises kept,
lives, never the same.

I can’t decide
heartstrings confide.

Tomorrow can now be seen
A future left behind
Forever changed, all love screened.

Reworked some words I left on a page years ago.  The first one written clearly held hurt…I couldn’t see tomorrow..this one…I walk forward, forever changed.

I have been sitting here contemplating and reflecting my last three words…all love screened…do I really do that now? (sounds so guarded)  Perhaps…I would like to think that I have come to a place of understanding my worth and not allowing the love I have to offer to be tossed around.


Growing up is hard to do!

The confines of time
Push and pull
Until the one who tugs
On the other end
finds me.

My life doesn’t always fit
neat and tidy into a space.
It is impulsive,
yet stable,
yet predictable.

Time has a way of spinning
its own threads.
Moments will determine a journey
that turns into a lifetime
where two strand holders
meet in the middle,
the beauty and color
within themselves.

Reeling in Moments of Fear

Sorting out all that life brings
is a challenge
that pricks at my heart and finger
Telling me “Why didn’t you linger?”

I didn’t know where to put
all that was reeling within
the journey wasn’t right
leaving what did begin.

I am far from perfect
A bit jumbled at times
so I hope that you know
I am continuing to grow.

My life doesn’t always fit
neat and tidy into a space
it is impulsive yet stable
spontaneous yet predictable

Your gentle tug upon the line
Helped me to know
This is a moment
That time can only show.

Letter to the New Year

Dear New Year,

I come to you today, open to all that you have in store for me. Without reservation, I walk into 2018 with the following intentions:
ready to laugh more than I breathe
ready to create without holding back
ready to share love regardless the circumstance
ready to explore all possibilities
ready to forgive when it’s required
ready to teach when given the opportunity
ready to help others in need

I’m ready to see, feel, taste and hear all that you have in store for me, without reservations or hesitations, or objections. Give me the heart to live life fully in 2018!

Yours truly,

Yesterday’s Yellow Notepad


Sheets torn along the perforated lines,

Broken yesterdays, released with more than a whine.

“Relax with grace;  leave this darkened place.”

“Sing, release, create; no longer held down, permeate.”

“Control and power, questions of love; unteach the rules not made from above.”

“Follow the list, heaven commands; remove the earthly demands. ”

“Invest and believe; no longer grieve.”

“Face your fears with  trust that will provide; gifts of love that linger inside.”

“Know where to leave your baggage as you travel;  no longer stumble on loosened gravel.”

Unattached and only one place to be

Perforated lines, free from me.

notepad trash