Full and majestic cedars watch over
the division that the flames of fire engulf.

Tame the time that is needed to release passion and guilt
into the depths of the peaceful circling waters.

Give way to a Voice that enlightens the eyes and heart,
leaving the wilderness shaken and new once again.







Wide expanse between questions and answers,
centers unfaltering breathes upon unknown responses.

Chest filled rhythms rumble steadily,
while faithful steps advance.

Quiet whispers carried within the circling of the wind
guide and direct movement to the West.

Listen carefully to the rustle of the leaves overhead,
for they hold, unspoken answers.


The damage seemed irreversible,
no way to renew.

A separation, exposing way too much
unprotected, destruction did pursue.

Outside intruders found their way,
Torn deep into the core, and any part that grew.

Pitiful and unbecoming
All extensions bare, pale green hue.

Out of desperation, a hand placed upon the heart
A hope, a plea, a prayer and pulling on a belief or two.

The wind did blow as it often does,
A snap, a break, and to the ground, the center flew.

New growth surrounded the very core
Separation closed in with time, disbelief?? It’s true.

Consideration was given on many a day
To simply, give up and say…You’re through!

But look at you today,
So strong, so full, and so new!

I am so glad that I gave you time
To reconnect, to join, to heal, to just be you.

I Meet You There


Held in a place where no one will ever know
the tears that were shed, sorrows that freely flowed

Held in a place where no one will ever see
the fear of what was to be left behind, or will soon be

Held in a place where no one will ever feel
the release of heart-captured love, one that was real

Held in a place where no one will ever hear
the echoes of a rusty hinge, repeated so clear

Held in a place where no one will ever guess
an embracing of light and tenderness

There with the worn leather straps, and dented corner view
A place is held for me to return to.

May 2, 2017

A Work in Progress

A voice called out across the wind,

moving through barren tree branches,

calm and reassuring,

Nature cushioned steps break into the tones.

A distant cry,

Seek and you shall find.

Give yourself time.

Be calm and just be.

Repair and refine your nest, you will see.



Original thoughts began in January of 2014

Edited  and refined in December of 2016

Washed and Folded

Tumbling taken,
to destination unknown;
inner workings,
heart felt tone.

Spinning with patience,
while water flow seals;
ache filled heart,
woven cycle revealed.

Hung out to dry,
breeze captured release;
wrinkles airdropped,
vapored emotions cease.

Folded and creased,
upon lines exact;
points of decision,
precision intact.