To Each His Own

A painting

colors…defined and chosen

restraint and darkness…heartache expressed

a canvas…sad and depressed


A painting

colors…scattered and released

Scampering light, heart shines with glee

A canvas…happy and free


A painting

colors…defined and scattered

chosen and released, heart tones content

a canvas…blended dark and light bent


A painting

colors…authentic and real

interpretation where paint meets

a canvas…leaving a mark to greet


A painting

colors…designed and covered

displaying internal dwellings through choice 

a canvas…the final result is voice


A painting

colors…conveyed and conflicted

between surface meaning and what lies below

a canvas…denied or accepted brushstroke flow


A painting

colors…predetermined and freed

ironically misleads strokes

a canvas…truthful or a lie to some a hoax


A painting

colors…skillful and refined

conviction through brush movement

a canvas…sacred and amazingly lucent


A painting

colors…traditional and original

limitations bring about imitation

a canvas…betrayal and trust destinations


A painting

colors…inspired and thorough

human connection seen in the eyes

a canvas…tells a story…no lies


A painting

colors…sentimental and tough

human desires of connection

a canvas…love and longing affection


A painting

colors…warm and inviting

defining the parameters left

a canvas…defining and inspiring deft


A painting

colors…balanced and unbalanced

positioning itself to convey and communicate

a canvas…message delivered…life to punctuate


A painting

colors…moving and timed

bringing light and dark flashes

a canvas…an revealed through crashes



October 30, 2020

This is a portion of a watercolor painting I bought for $4 at a yard sale. Every time I look at it I am amazed. There was a tag on the back that said Peru. The elderly woman selling from her garage that day said that she picked this painting up at a street fair while in Peru. I wish I had asked more about it.

Face Analysis

Expressions left on her face by others perceived,

gestures and signals, falsely believed. 

Study her face when she knows no one’s there

truth and honesty will show up to share.


Her smile can be seen, but yet sadness lingers inside.

Her face can show presence, but yet distance does abide.

Her wink that shows acceptance, but yet rejects,

tender spoken words that flow, but yet are filled with circumspect. 


Her hand that twists the curled strands of hair,

Lips that move, yet convincing words aren’t there.

Eyebrows that shift closer with strain

Her gritting of teeth, hidden intense heart felt pain. 


Study her face in a moment captured aside, 

from all that surrounds and tries to hide.

Truth and honesty are sure to be there

in her face that will show you how much she really does care. 


October 15, 2020

Reflection #1

Peering out the window

into the blackness of night,

all that I see are my own

eyes illuminated in the glass.


Round and seeking eyes that reach

into the darkness 

for  all that is unknown in 

what lies beyond the night of the soul.


A longing is held within this moment.

The eyes  open into the heart

of today’s cries into

a deafening silence of tomorrow’s existence.  



The Latin and French coined the word reflection

showing expression, absorption, and a throwing back

of one’s own perception of sight, thought or consequence.


Conclusions are brought about and yet …

at times…

more questions may occur requiring more reflection.


Time is needed and should be respected

when the act of reflection calls 

upon one’s heart, mind and soul.


A soulful you awaits

sometimes in peace, sometimes in agony

for the casting of stilled thoughts

and heart filled significance.


.camera reflector (2)