Been Awhile

I’ve been away from the postings here for awhile. A few things have changed here..a new wordpress editor…great. (smiling) I did look through a few of the postings here of those I used to follow…glad to see most everyone is doing well and continuing doing what they do.

I’ve been away from writing for awhile….best way to explain it is I’ve been hanging onto the tail-end of a gust of wind….just allowing it to take me here and there.  LOL  mostly there.

Since January, I’ve “challenged” English Language learners to show a school administration what they could do, self quarantined, battled the elements while selling plants to anxiety ridden home bound gardeners  in a greenhouse on a pavement (long story), brought a calm presence to anxiety ridden  home bound crafters in a retail setting (another long story), and tried to keep informed on the latest health mandates.

It feels good to be here, on a blank page, sorting out life. IMG_5858 - Copy


What’s Important?

I sat down to a cup of coffee this morning, glanced down at the notepad on the table and put yesterday evenings events into perspective.

Here in this part of Kansas, our evening was full of weather alerts and anxiousness about family and friends in the path of a destructive tornado that was reported to be 1/2 mile wide. It stayed on the ground for over 40 minutes moving wherever it pleased at its own pace. The last report I heard before going to bed was debris being dropped onto the Kansas City airport runway stopping all flights.

Not everyone is getting up to their morning routine this morning. Their lives changed within moments. Their lives altered by something that wasn’t in their control. Life took a turn in an unknown direction for the small city of Linwood, Kansas and those south of Lawrence, Kansas and other areas as well.

As I look at my grandson’s grocery list and think about questions and explanations that came up while the weather reports and photos appeared on the tv screen, it really comes down to “people” regardless whether we know them or not.

There are a lot of things we control, like our grocery list, but there are so many more that we can’t and never will be able to control.

We are living in a time of staying ahead of those things we can’t control. Storm shelters, weather watchers, alarm systems, better house construction, dams etc. are the ways we try to have some control in flooding situations, or tornadoes or a hurricane situation. Flooding has been threatening our area for over a month now. The dams that man has built are holding but clearly can only do so much.

Praying and a faith that God will take us through whatever comes at us is called upon to comfort and to give us a sense that “something” larger than us will have to protect us. When you are sitting in a storm shelter waiting for the storm to pass, praying is all that’s left.

Right now, I pray for those of you reading this that the safety of our Heavenly Father wraps around you and your loved ones. May you know that whatever storm you are passing through is only temporary and can be placed in Hands larger than ours. Control what you can but leave the rest to our Heavenly Father.

Last thoughts; Last nights storm could have taken so much more than it did…last report I heard 6 people went to the hospital, all alive and recovering. The pictures I saw this morning shows the control that wasn’t in anyone’s hands, yet the control of a power larger than us that protected so many from injury.

Stories of advance warnings, narrow escapes, time in shelter, rescue workers and recovery efforts are being shared. It’s truly all about the people.


It was the right time for me to go,

the black and whites that once surrounded us turned gray.

Silence filled the chaotic space to capacity,

leaving an impenetrable thickness that barricaded us

in a place where I couldn’t breathe and you gasped with grief.

It was the right time for you to go.


Where the sky meets the sea and breaks free

Your love remains constant,

never leaving,

never silent,

always the same no matter what winds blow.


Where the sky meets the mountain top

You are at the peak, waiting

never in a hurry,

never scolding,

always gently providing a color filled horizon.


Where the sky meets the rocky path

You clear the way

never doubting,

never disappointing,

always gently providing a secure footstep.





Never leaving, never silent.

A Sweet Moment

Doorstep greetings

accompanied by sun centered hearts

that overlap and escort

the suitor

into growing and blooming

color filled patterns

of delicately placed petals.

Sometimes it’s the smallest of gestures that means the most. A date a long time ago brought me a 4-pack of pansies. $1.89 moment brings a smile of remembrance even after all this time.

Window Peeker

Moonlight forced illumination

Searching for a pillow upon which to rest

Dancing streams of radiant beams

Keep slumber at bay

Racing thoughts accompanied by tossing and turning

Sleep is overrated anyway.