Face Analysis

Expressions left on her face by others perceived,

gestures and signals, falsely believed. 

Study her face when she knows no one’s there

truth and honesty will show up to share.


Her smile can be seen, but yet sadness lingers inside.

Her face can show presence, but yet distance does abide.

Her wink that shows acceptance, but yet rejects,

tender spoken words that flow, but yet are filled with circumspect. 


Her hand that twists the curled strands of hair,

Lips that move, yet convincing words aren’t there.

Eyebrows that shift closer with strain

Her gritting of teeth, hidden intense heart felt pain. 


Study her face in a moment captured aside, 

from all that surrounds and tries to hide.

Truth and honesty are sure to be there

in her face that will show you how much she really does care. 


October 15, 2020

Breathing in Wisdom

Moments of fleeing

Moments of staying


Fear of  rejection

Fear of acceptance


Fear of unmet expectations

Fear of expectations met


Fear of  instability

Fear of stability


Fear of controlling another

Fear of being controlled


Fear of wrong decisions

Fear of right decisions


Fear of reality

Fear of dreams


Moments of fear

Moments of  courage