Daring Forgiveness

Line drawn in the sand

ten toes face one another

recognizing that new parameters

are linked to the altered shore.


No boundary used to exist

freedom to love, explore and just know

that acceptance and understanding could cross over

and not worry about the tides that come and go.


Defy the furrow where what was, remains

and edge closer until the line disappears

leaving ten toes facing one another

close enough to take away reluctance and fears.





Faith Filled Promise

Hate, betrayal, deceit
Love, compassion, forgiveness,

Interpretation of dreams given,
guided and directed amongst familiarity
Honor in colors, motivation driven.

A promise to fulfill
Brothers seeking superiority and security
Seek their own will.

Held in a pit of jealousy and fear
Where’s the eldest?
Never alone, God is near.

A connected life, chained and sold
A father who weeps
A heart grows old.

Overturn of brothers brought
Deceit and lies
Never hidden from God, son not forgot.

Prison release, time and protection
Empowered with dreams told
Walked amongst other’s inspection.

Guidance given in thirteen years
Learning to serve
Through hard work, heartache and tears.

Time didn’t erase a brotherly death deed
God remembered sin
Cautioned and warned with heed

No revenge directly sought
For a brother’s life given for another
God’s merciful preservation brought.

Brother’s evil intentions didn’t protect
but God found a way
to preserve descendants and family connect

A promise kept
Forgiveness given
Grace found in colors wept.


Genesis 41-47