The Latin and French coined the word reflection

showing expression, absorption, and a throwing back

of one’s own perception of sight, thought or consequence.


Conclusions are brought about and yet …

at times…

more questions may occur requiring more reflection.


Time is needed and should be respected

when the act of reflection calls 

upon one’s heart, mind and soul.


A soulful you awaits

sometimes in peace, sometimes in agony

for the casting of stilled thoughts

and heart filled significance.


.camera reflector (2)


A Painting…A Life

A painting, a life

colors…. mixed and unchosen

restraint and darkness…heartache expressed

a canvas…. sad and depressed


A painting, a life

colors…. scattered and released

uninhibited and random, heart sought  glee

a canvas…..happy but seldom free


A painting, a life

colors…..defined and chosen

blended and connected, heart tones content

a canvas…time well spent