Tide Release


Leave your sandals at the pier

footsteps only, peace is near.


Sifting sand beneath your feet

between your toes, troubles meet.


Uncertain footing from places within

beach front walking, answer-filled steps begin.


With each pebble and rushing tide

woes and worries, nowhere to hide.


Breathe the ocean air in deep

secrets released; only mermaids and ship captains keep.


Pick your sandals up at the pier

Facing life, once again,  without old fear.


Moments that Mattered

To walk once again in the moonlight

or swim passionately among the beams reflections

To capture laughter filled vacancies

that recognize and hold a self captured glimpse of yesterday

To go unnoticed, unfelt, or acknowledged would be easier

than immersing heart swelled holdings

To erase the words that created a stone, a marker upon which

Randomness skipped across the water into unknown places

To accept the infinite void left

once darkness approached and engulfed it all.