A Snail Embrace

I held your home in the palm of my hand today,

found it on a watery beachy sand.

Neighbors and newcomers were scattered about,

checking out your territory and unguarded land.

I assume you’ve moved on because you were nowhere to be found,

your belongings no longer there.

no calcium remnants scattered at the curved open door,

no additions were noted, giving new flair.

My mind drifts to your journey,

moving slowly, upon the ocean floor,

wondering along, meeting others and passing by

looking for a new place to explore.

You know, we’re a lot alike,

you and me.

We find our heart at home

when near the wide open sea.

The waves may toss and tumble

and move us all about,

but we’re always protected and carried

Faith held in the journey, leaves no doubt.

Softly landing upon a seashore where

sand is at our feet,

the sunset and sunrise bring us rest

until at last, home in hand, we once again meet.


October 15, 2020