Reflection #1

Peering out the window

into the blackness of night,

all that I see are my own

eyes illuminated in the glass.


Round and seeking eyes that reach

into the darkness 

for  all that is unknown in 

what lies beyond the night of the soul.


A longing is held within this moment.

The eyes  open into the heart

of today’s cries into

a deafening silence of tomorrow’s existence.  



The Latin and French coined the word reflection

showing expression, absorption, and a throwing back

of one’s own perception of sight, thought or consequence.


Conclusions are brought about and yet …

at times…

more questions may occur requiring more reflection.


Time is needed and should be respected

when the act of reflection calls 

upon one’s heart, mind and soul.


A soulful you awaits

sometimes in peace, sometimes in agony

for the casting of stilled thoughts

and heart filled significance.


.camera reflector (2)


Wait for It

Words measured and sifted
to a point of singleness.
Each letter joined to another
until the right sounds and meaning appear.
Each syllable fills a space
with a glimmer of light and yet vast darkness.
Will there be enough
to satisfy the hunger of the recipient?
Will the craving for more occur
to the point of simultaneous productions?
Silent words…
tardy words…
can be the worst sometimes.